A team approach accelerates development times.


Getting rid of tedious work lets you focus on high-level issues.


Quality software with less bugs and better support saves you time and money.


Rest easy, knowing that a talented team is working for you.


Accomplish your business goals faster and cheaper than by doing it all yourself.


We have been programming since 1986; Clarion since 1992. Real world programs. Working all over the World.


We adhere to strict code of ethics.


Our team of developers can take on projects of any size.


We aim for your total satisfaction.

Are you aware that many programmers don’t give you the sources of your work? We do, so we don’t tie you with us at any moment. You stay with us because the quality of our work, not because we force you to.


We are able to handle any sort of software development including:
* Migration from any version to Clarion 6.3, which involves to upgrade templates and wide system threading tests, it is more than necessary if you plan to eventually go to Clarion 8, 9 and 10. Unless your system is dead already, you need to stay current with the latest technology.

* Migration to Clarion 8/9/10. Not as easy as it seems some times, but we are doing it, very successfully.

* Conversions from TPS to SQL (either using MS SQL or ODBC), not simply by changing drivers but using the proper data types and creating the tables using SQL scripts and optimizing the file access. Once you migrate to SQL your system is no longer limited as it is with TPS files.

* Creation of dual driver systems using TPS and ODBC with Capesoft’s Multiproj and FM3. Maintain one source and target several SQL flavors plus TPS. If you think it’s easy it’s because you didn’t try it yet <g>.

* Legacy to ABC or the other way, knowing what code to change and where.

* Templates, the heart of Clarion. We do use them and know how to make them. It is amazing how much more productive you become when you start using templates instead of repeating code all around.

* We have experience with Capesoft’s Nettalk web server. Although it is not very visual, it is a good product to do web development.

* Instead of wasting valuable time and resources (or risking the loss of clients) why don’t take this opportunity to let us undertake the development on your behalf. You will find that you will gain credit both fiscally and in reputation.

* System maintenance, finding and fixing bugs (with debugging if necessary), interface enhancements, database normalization, and so much more.